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Shweta Group started in 1996 with a vision to thrive and grow in the competitive markets by following the path of Trust, Expertise and Consistency.

We have recently launched, one of the biggest multi-purpose showroom in AP dealing all major brands of computers and laptops under one roof at the best competitive price.

Our main purpose of existence, simply put, reads 'quality without compromise'. We strive to be perceptive and understand the customer's needs before he does, and deliver | MORE

Shweta Computers & Peripherals
Welcome to Shweta Computers and Peripherals. Fill your requirements to us.We are the Best...
Shweta Computer Bazaar
We launched a range of affordable laptops starting from Rs 20,000...
Shweta Infotech
Confused with so many options...
Find out the right configuration!...
Shweta Mobiles
Shweta Mobiles, leading in Market, for Kingston and Sandisk - Memory Cards sale and distribution...
Shweta Telecommunications
Service Dealers In Telecom Industry dealing with Major Companies such as LG and TATA...

We are Distributors, Re-sellers, Authorized dealers for numeros IT-hardware components. To know more about us ... please explore our webiste.

Distributors for all major branded Laptops and PCs
Distributors for Kingston, Sandisk, HCL - Memory Cards
Leading service dealers in Telecoom industry for LG and TATA.

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